RS5 T15 TW Chassis Kit

One the last 4-5 years our “T” series touring cars shows his potential by winning multiple times the EFRA European Championships, many National Championships, and EFRA GP’s. So to improve an already very successful construction is never easy. Always when we release our current model, we are very pleased about what we reached, and we really don’t know what to improve on it. But nearly always when the racing session started and some races are done, some new ideas start to come. This new ideas about the improvement of the car are mostly reactions. Reactions of the ideas/feelings/feedbacks of the big community of RS5 Drivers all-round the World, and reactions of the changes of the components (tires mostly). The middle of this Year start to be a tendency the use of ultra-soft compound tires (PMT X3) at front. To allow you the use of an ultra-soft front tires, you need to have the possibility to remove as many as possible front grip, to make the car safe to drive with does front tires. So immediately at that point we was coming to the conclusion that we need to make wider range of adjustment possibility’s to the car, to cut out front grip, if necessary. After that was starting the long and hard design, production, and test phase of the new parts, and happily we reached exactly what we wanted.

Der T15 beim Testtag in Wächtersbach 2016
Der T15 beim Testtag in Wächtersbach 2016

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